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Our Company

Since opening shop in 2009, Vibox has gone from being a small, local PC retailer in sunny Stockport to one of the most trusted manufacturers of gaming PCs across Europe

In this time a lot has changed, but our mission statement has stayed the same: to provide top-quality, fully-customisable gaming PCs. It’s how we started, and it’s how we intend to go on.

Because we still build every PC to order, our customers can choose exactly what goes into it; each of our PCs come with a range of configurable options, from the amount of RAM and storage to the colour of the case.

Our Products

We’re not just any old PC company

Amongst our staff you’ll find people with a real passion for PC gaming. Each one of our systems is designed by gamers, for gamers. Inside the box, we use parts from all of the biggest names in the industry, so you can be assured of the quality inside every machine.

Of course there’s more to a good build than just getting the right parts. That’s why each PC is built by a fully-trained, experienced technician, and goes through an intensive quality control and testing period before getting cleared for dispatch.

Free Delivery For UK Orders!

We build every PC to order, starting with your choice of components, assembled by a full-trained technicians

Contact customer support on 0161 425 8841 or send your question to support@vibox.co.uk