Gaming PCs

High-performance PCs, built for optimal gameplay.

Explore our range of pre-built Gaming PCs, designed to activate the ultimate gaming experience, featuring technology from some of the industry's most trusted manufacturers, including high-end GPUs from the NVIDIA Geforce RTX and NVIDIA Geforce GTX ranges, RGB components, CPUs from Intel and AMD, including Intel Core, AMD Ryzen and Athlon, a quality solid state drive (SSD's) and HDD's and at least 8 GB of DDR4 ram or DDR5 ram minimum.

You can enjoy PC gaming and play the latest games at the highest settings and resolutions as a result of taking your gaming skills to the next level and completing your rig, all with free UK delivery.

if you need a gaming desktop quickly, we have assembled our best high-performance PCs from our wide range of models, which come complete with a lifetime warranty and entitle you to free upgrade and repair labour.

Built by experts and with lifetime support, you can guarantee that you'll be proud of your new gaming setup allowing you to play your favourite games such as Fortnite, Minecraft or the latest Esports titles at the specifications they were meant to be played.

You can also customize your PC and swap out parts, to further meet your gaming needs, including changing your motherboard, CPU, GPU and more, and also add additional peripherals and accessories such as a monitor, keyboard, mouse, headset and more, just hit "Customise" on any desktop below.

Your new gaming computer is also equipped to work flawlessly for other intensive tasks including, video editing, animation, music production and any other activity that requires a powerful processor, high frame rates, a great GPU and the best gaming components possible that make up a high-performance gaming system.

For the best Gaming Systems, using high-quality graphics cards, CPU and much more, Vibox is a brand you can count on.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you look for in a gaming PC?

A great Gaming PC is made up of a handful of PC components that power the PC, some of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry are AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, MSI, ASUS, Gigabyte and many more. 

If you're buying a pre-built PC, the components that you want to keep a close eye on are the Processor (an Intel Core or AMD Ryzen are great options), the graphics card such as an NVIDIA RTX or GTX are both excellent choices, Memory and Storage which will provide a smooth gaming performance preferably between 8GB and 32GB are great for running most AAA titles and playing your favourite game, and finally cooling which is designed to keep your casing and components at a desired temperature.

What makes the best Gaming PC?

The best gaming PC is made up of quality components, including GPUs such as the NVIDIA Geforce RTX or GTX ranges, a quality CPU from a reputable brand such as any from the following ranges including Intel Core, AMD Ryzen or AMD Radeon RX, sound cards, memory cards such as an m2 ssd and more will create an excellent gaming experience from 1080p to 4k gaming.

What types of PCs do you sell?

If you need a cheap gaming PC then you should browse our budget range, If you're into streaming we have a selection of streaming PCs configured exactly to your needs and more, you can also configure your own PC, using our online PC builder.

How much should I pay for a prebuilt gaming PC?

On average with Vibox, a prebuilt gaming PC costs between £345 and £2,300, within this range, you can purchase between a 1080p/1440p gaming computer, as with most the higher your budget the more powerful your desktop will be, featuring quality components such as NVIDIA RTX graphics card, an Intel Core CPU and more.

You can also add peripherals

With your custom desktop PC, you can also add additional gaming peripherals and gaming accessories, including a gaming monitor, gaming keyboards, headsets, gaming mice and much more in order to provide the ultimate gaming experience and play your favourite game.