In 2015, we put a few new systems out for review. While we were thrilled with the feedback regarding the spec, performance and build quality, there were some less positive comments about our warranty. We have full confidence in the quality of our PCs, so we decided to put our money where our mouth is, and created the Gold Limited Warranty. This warranty package, which comes as standard with every Vibox PC, is the only standard warranty in the UK to offer a lifetime of upgrade labour, repair labour and technical support free of charge.

You can find all the details and T&Cs at the foot of the page, but here's a summary of what you can expect with every Vibox PC:


As long as you have your PC, you'll never have to pay any labour charges for repairs or upgrades. Should any components develop a fault (it can happen!), we'll never charge you the labour to install replacements. If you fancy adding a little more power to your machine, we'll perform the fitting of any new parts free of charge, making your new Vibox the last PC you'll ever need to purchase.


Every now and then, it's natural you'll need a little bit of help with your PC. If you're looking to get a little more out of your system or your games, we'll talk you through the best options. If you're looking to upgrade, we'll make sure you're getting the best deal for your money. If you're having a technical issue or a part has a fault, we'll do our best to pin down the exact nature of the issue and get it resolved as quickly as possible. The best way to contact us is by using our online Contact Us page, or by giving us a call on 0161 425 8841


While we do run tests on every component before shipping the PC out, sadly the nature of computers means that parts can fail. That's why we offer a full 2 years parts cover on every component in your PC. We don't repair components here, so in the case of a fault we'll simply provide a brand new replacement and install it free of charge.


We're so confident in the quality of our PCs that should anything go wrong in the first six months, we'll send a courier to collect your PC at our expense. After that, we'll be able to book a collection on your behalf with DPD, at a discounted rate.

We're proud to offer a great standard warranty, but if you're looking for something even better, we also offer the Evolution Platinum Warranty, which has all the benefits of the Gold warranty but with a whopping 3 Years of Parts and courier cover.


These warranty terms apply to any PC purchased directly from Vibox LTD on or after 20/04/2015. Unless a special warranty package was explicitly selected, than any PC purchased before this date will have been sold with a one-year-warranty. Vibox will still offer free technical support through email or over the phone, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee we will be able to accept any out-of-warranty PCs for repair or upgrade.

1.1. To report any claims and/or to obtain warranty service, please head to Our Contact Page for the latest confirmed contact details and raise a ticket.

1.2. Upon approval of your claim by Vibox, you will be provided with confirmation via email.

1.3. Any items returned to Vibox without prior contact or full agreement will be deemed as an unauthorised return and could be subject to fees and differing terms than had the product been booked in and approved prior to return.


This Lifetime Limited Warranty does extend to the below, all of which are subject to exclusions mentioned further on:

2.1. Lifetime of labour on upgrades and repairs on the product purchased from Vibox.

2.2. Two years parts (components) starting from the date of receipt of the product as per the courier’s confirmation of receipt.

2.3. Six months collection and return from original delivery country.

2.4. Only the product / components listed on the invoice produced at the time of purchase, or during subsequent purchases or warranty activities by Vibox are covered by the warranty.

2.5. After the initial year of ownership, you are entitled to a yearly health-check service by Vibox. This is a chargeable service based on the system and level of health-check you want undertaking. To enquire about details on these costs, contact Vibox.


3.1. If purchased within the UK mainland, this Gold Limited Warranty can be upgraded to a Platinum Limited Warranty.

3.2. The Platinum Limited Warranty (Platinum Warranty) covers all parts, collections and returns for three years. Labour is covered for life.

3.3. This upgrade should be purchased within the first year of ownership of the product. The cost is £74.95.


This Lifetime Limited Warranty does not extend to:

4.1. Any product not manufactured by Vibox, not sold directly by Vibox, or first sold to an intermediary in a country outside the territorial scope of this Lifetime Limited Warranty.

4.2. Any product sold to a country outside the territorial scope of this Lifetime Limited Warranty. The territorial scope of this warranty applies to the country that the item was purchased from and the UK. IE if the product is purchased from a French site, the warranty is only valid within France and the UK.

4.2.1. Any decision for Vibox to honour the warranty when the product has been purchased from a country different than that of the purchasing country, is subject to Vibox’s discretion and is on a case-by-case basis for that particular instance. Vibox’s decision on the warranty being void due to purchasing outside of the country of sale is final.

4.3. The buyer is allowed under the terms of warranty to install 3rd party parts/software on the system, without voiding the warranty. However, the following terms must be adhered to: If any components in the system are physically damaged due to mishandling or the fitting of new components, the warranty will be void. It is the buyer’s responsibility to check that your new components are compatible with all aspects of your system. If any new components installed by yourself or a 3rd party cause issues with the system, the warranty will be void. Vibox can assist where possible, but have no legal obligation and may refuse to support the buyer with installing or configuring the 3rd party components or software. Vibox has measures in place to be able to prove that parts have been moved or damaged by the buyer. If the buyer installs new hardware/software into their PC and everything is compatible, functional and properly seated, then the warranty is still valid. This will be at Vibox's discretion.

4.4. Any product that has been damaged or rendered defective as a result of:

4.4.1. use of the product other than for its normal intended use, including, without limitation, failure to use the product in accordance with the Set Up Guide that accompanies the product, or any other abuse or neglect with respect to the product; Damage or wear caused by cryptocurrency mining also falls into this category.

4.4.2. modification of the product by anyone but Vibox, including use of internal parts not sold by Vibox or external parts that are incompatible with the product; this extends to overclocking the components without written confirmation from Vibox prior;

4.4.3. improper installation/connection of accessories or installation of third party products; Vibox recommend you always consult with Vibox before doing any work or making any modifications to your PC accessories to ensure compatibility.

4.4.4. service, repair or maintenance by anyone other than Vibox; The only exception to this exclusion is to allow the buyer to undertake regular maintenance on the product, providing that the maintenance by the buyer is undertaken with sufficient due care and attention to ensure no damage or defects are incurred. Any issues caused due to defects or damage caused during regular maintenance voids the warranty cover. Vibox reserve the right to cancel your warranty should there be evidence of work not undertaken by Vibox on the product once inspected. When asked if the product has been modified at all, the buyer has an obligation to advise Vibox of the truth. Any attempt to mislead Vibox would result in the customer’s warranty being voided and the customer will be required to cover all labour and postage costs incurred by Vibox. Should any of the above criteria in section 4.4 through to be met, the repair will be subject to a £50 labour fee due to the voided status of the warranty.

4.4.5. Improper transportation or packing when returning the product to Vibox for any reason, even in the cases where damage or issues are present in the product prior to return transportation. Any damage caused in transit where unsuitable packaging has been used or where suitable packaging has not been used properly. The offer of provision of this packaging is by no means Vibox admitting liability for the product’s packaging. The buyer is still fully responsible for ensuring suitable packaging is sought and utilised correctly. Should the buyer have disposed of part of or the full original packaging and wish to return their PC for service or refund, the buyer is responsible for the replacement of this packaging. Vibox assess and test all returned products upon arrival into Vibox. This may take up to two weeks and therefore Vibox can advise the buyer regarding any damage incurred during transit for up to two weeks after receipt of the item. Furthermore, monitors are particularly susceptible to damage in transit due to insufficient or inefficient packaging. Damage to the screen in these cases is not covered by any insurance and therefore it is the responsibility of the buyer returning the monitor to ensure nothing will damage the screen on its return journey to Vibox.

4.4.6. Accidental damage, either admitted by the buyer, or identified by Vibox once the product is back with Vibox.

4.4.7. Product failure following a household power surge or cut, lightning strike or other external electrical failure.

4.5. Loss of any, or damage to, programs, data, or removable storage media. The buyer is responsible for saving (backing up) any programs, data and/or removable storage media. Please note that Vibox may opt to replace the product or a component submitted for warranty services with a remanufactured product of equal quality, and, thus, any data stored by you on your original product may become permanently inaccessible to you.

4.6. Any item returned to Vibox, but not purchased from Vibox, unless explicitly agreed and documented with Vibox.

4.7. Individual components purchased without a Vibox PC tower unit. These are subject to only one year parts cover.

4.8. Monitors that are purchased from Vibox. These should be considered as class 2 (unless specified otherwise) which comply with ISO 13406-2 which details Dead Pixel Policy for LCD screens. Vibox cannot guarantee that all LCD panels will be free from dead pixels, or that the manufacturer of the monitor will replace it. Minor defects of LCD displays, providing that there shall not be more than four (4) defective pixels per million pixels on a given LCD display, and provided further that, if the display panel is divided into nine (9) equal rectangular areas, there shall be no more than one defective pixel in the central area of the display.

4.9. Items returned to Vibox without prior warranty approval as details in section 1.

4.9.1. Any products returned in this manner will be deemed as unauthorised returns.

4.9.2. Vibox are entitled to seek payment for any appropriate costs, such as return shipping payments, labour charges, damage in transit costs and the unauthorised return charge (£25.00) before any work is undertaken on the product or it is returned to the buyer.

4.9.3. Should any outstanding charges not be paid by the buyer, Vibox will not undertake any work on the product and will be unable to return the product to the customer.

4.9.4. Should the customer not claim the product, Vibox will make attempt to contact the buyer via email / phone number and hold the product for six months, after which, it will be assumed that the buyer has returned the product to Vibox and wants neither a refund, or their item returned to them. The product will therefore be disposed of.

4.9.5. Should the customer pay the outstanding charges, Vibox cannot guarantee the same turnaround period on the item had it been pre-approved and booked.

4.10. Only the product / components listed on the invoice produced at the time of purchase, or during subsequent purchases or warranty activities by Vibox are covered by this Lifetime Limited Warranty.

4.10.1. Links to products purchased cannot be used as a mechanism for confirming products purchased and covered by this warranty as online links are subject to change over time.

4.11. Any fair wear and tear claims are not valid under this warranty. New products will need to be purchased if faults have arisen due to wear and tear.

4.12. Any damage to, or missing products (such as scratched or cracked PC case). These things should be reported to Vibox within 48hrs of receiving the goods, and have valid photo evidence showing this. If damage is not reported within this time-frame, the buyer must pay for a replacement part, or accept it as it is. This is classed as "user damage".

4.13. Collection and redelivery costs after the first 6 months. Collection and re delivery costs are only covered for the first 6 calendar months following the date of receipt of the product. After this period, the buyer is responsible for covering the collection costs regardless of if the product is faulty or not. These costs will need to be paid prior to authorisation of the return booking.

4.13.1. Postage costs after the initial 6 month period are as below UK Mainland - £35 (broken down to £22 collection & £13 re-delivery) UK Offshore - £45 (broken down to £27 collection & £18 re-delivery)

4.13.2. Vibox is not responsible for any courier charges, regardless of time of ownership, if the PC is taken out of the original country of sale and delivery. Any courier charges in these circumstances are to be paid by the buyer, unless the PC is returned to it's original country of delivery.

4.13.3. Should the buyer wish to return the product to Vibox themselves, this is possible. For purchases over 6 months, Vibox do not offer any postage cover, regardless of the reason for return (unless a Platinum Warranty has been purchased). The price of redelivery to the buyer is mentioned above. This needs to be paid before approval for the return is given by Vibox to the buyer and in advance of the return of the product. Should the buyer return the product to Vibox themselves, they are responsible for ensuring tracking information and sufficient insurance cover for the returning products is sought and applied to the product(s).

4.14. Missed collections. Once a date for collection is agreed with a buyer, it is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that they are available for the collection. Missed collections are not free and will incur the collection cost as listed above. Therefore if a rebooking of a collection is required, the buyer will be required to pay again unless it can be proved that the customer was not at fault.

4.14.1. Any decision to delay or cancel a return booking should be advised to Vibox more than 48hours before the collection booking date. If this notice is not provided, you will still be charged for the collection.

4.15. Missed redeliveries. The buyer has an obligation to ensure that they will be available for redelivery of the product to the address agreed at the time of return booking. Should the redelivery fail for any reason beyond Vibox’s control and the product returned to Vibox, the customer is liable to cover the second attempt of redelivery based on the above costs.

4.16. Excessive product health-checks. The product health-checks are limited to once a year to ensure fair use and availability to all Vibox customers.

4.17. Any compensation for work not undertaken, not explicitly agreed by Vibox. Any work agreed to be undertaken by Vibox is limited to the level of service and agreement between Vibox and the buyer upon the time of booking. This will be documented as agreed in the return order approval documentation.

4.18. Any compensation for delays in return of a product to a customer. Labour period for work to be undertaken is discussed and agreed with the buyer at the time of booking in the return order. This will be documented as agreed in the return order approval documentation.

4.18.1. Vibox will try to turn around any repair/replacement parts within a reasonable timeframe from the date receiving. In some cases, the quality of work may require more time than originally thought. In “end of life” cases, a part may need to be sent back to the original manufacturer or supplier for replacement if Vibox cannot find a suitable replacement. This is unfortunately un-avoidable because the parts are no longer manufactured.

4.19. Software faults. Should the buyer return the product to Vibox due to a suspected hardware fault, Vibox will test the PC thoroughly for up to two weeks. If this results in no fault found with the hardware, the software may then be looked at.

4.19.1. Vibox will make every attempt to mitigate the above mentioned situation by offering technical support via phone or email where possible, however it is ultimately the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that the reason for return is not software related.

4.19.2. Vibox takes no responsibility for problems that may arise due to the customer installing an operating system separate from that which was originally sold with the PC.

4.19.3. Vibox takes no responsibility for problems that may arise due to the owner of the operating system (e.g. Microsoft) issuing an update or change to their software.

4.19.4. Should the reason for return be determined to be software related, the postage and labour costs incurred by Vibox are to be paid by the buyer before labour can be completed and the product prepared and shipped back to the buyer, Labour will be charged £25 for us to recover the system back to factory settings.

4.20. Vibox is not responsible or liable for any time spent by the buyer in setting up the product or any time trouble shooting for problems with the product(s). This includes any time taken waiting for delivery or collection of the product(s).

4.21. As per the UK Distance Selling Regulations, there is a two week period for change of mind cancellations. Any requests to return the item after this period will be rejected. Review our change of mind returns policy at: https://vibox.co.uk/return-policy

4.21.1. Should the buyer return the any purchased product after more than two weeks after receipt of the product for a refund, the product will be checked and tested to confirm the reported fault with the PC. Should no fault be found with the product, this will deemed as a change of mind request and will not be approved for a full refund.

4.21.2. In the instance of no fault found with a returned PC, the appropriate postage fees and a restocking fee will be deducted from the refund.

4.21.3. Any restocking fee will be subject to Vibox’s discretion but will be fair. It will be based on period of usage of the product, the resale value of the product returned and any damage or missing components.

4.22. This Lifetime Limited Warranty is subject to a fair use policy by all buyers.

4.22.1. Vibox have the right to withdraw this Lifetime Limited Warranty from any buyer who abuses this warranty. This includes harassment or excessive use of our support services.

4.23. Vibox takes no responsibility for loss of income or lost business due to the unlikely event of a hardware failure in one of our PCs.


5.1. The prices quoted in this Limited Warranty are accurate at the point of sale. As the warranty is for a lifetime, the prices mentioned are subject to change based on inflation and other external factors beyond Vibox’s control.

5.2. Vibox reserve the right to change any prices mentioned in this warranty without warning or notification to previous customers.

5.3. Customers should always check Our Warranty Page for the latest prices and terms of the Limited Warranty.