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Create your own truly unique custom PC build by selecting each component that goes into your computer. *Peripherals must be added separately, towers do not include peripherals as standard*

At Vibox, we understand the importance of building the perfect custom gaming PC. Our custom PC builder allows you to customise your PC with the most extensive range of components and specifications on the system build market, to create a fully immersive PC gaming experience.

Our collection of custom PCs and pre-built gaming PCs are all fully customisable to suit your unique preferences. Whether you're looking for the ultimate esports setup or pushing the limits of gaming advancements, we have what you need!

Each of our PCs goes through a quality control checklist to make sure everything is perfect, covering the aesthetics (cable management, LEDs, presentation) and the build quality.

Choose from computer casing and graphic cards such as the NVIDIA Geforce RTX and GTX range, CPU such as an Intel Core, AMD Processors, RAM storage (Random Access Memory), Hard Drive (HDD), Solid State Drive (SSD), Power Supply and Motherboard, whatever you desire our in-house experts will use their years of field experience and knowledge to ensure we supply the perfect custom PC build for you.

To begin building your own custom PC, start by setting your budget, and choosing your casing, you can then begin selecting parts from the customise section above, starting with your processor, graphics card, memory and hard drive.

You can also add peripheral options to your order below the tower customiser.

Our PC Builder ensures that each component is 100% compatible with each other, ensuring quality performance throughout.

Your custom-built PC will be built with care by a professional PC builder using the hardware components of your choice and will ensure that your PC performs to the highest possible standard and provides you with the ultimate gaming experience.

Your custom PC is also VR Ready, streaming-ready, office-ready and ready for general use, meaning that when you buy from Vibox, you get a machine that is prepared for a multitude of situations.

So if you're a gamer, looking to create your own custom-built PC, try out our online builder to streamline the process, contact us for any technical support you may need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the custom PC builder work?

Our custom PC builder is relatively easy to use, as mentioned above you can begin by selecting a case and then move on to selecting your processor, graphics card, memory, hard drive, solid state drive, WiFi, operating system, motherboard and PSU. 

You can also add additional peripherals such as a monitor, keyboard, mouse and much more.

Will the PC come with a warranty?

Each custom built PC from Vibox comes with our Gold Warranty as standard and offers lifetime upgrade labour and technical support from our customer service department.

Do I need to pay to use the Custom PC Builder?

The Vibox Online Custom PC Builder is completely free to use. 

Why should I buy a custom built PC from Vibox?

Vibox PCs cater to every gamer no matter what their budget, starting from as low as £345, We have pre-built models that are perfect for money-conscious gamers and high-end PCs that are ideal for the gaming elite. 

We also have one of the most attractive lifetime warranty packages in the United Kingdom and a 180 day collection + returns policy.