Best Gaming PCs under £1200

Posted on 11:44am, Monday 2nd July, 2023

In the world of video games, game developers continue to push boundaries to transform the way we play and interact with their worlds from captivating stories, innovative technology, and some of the most realistic immersive graphics you can ever hope for. It's no wonder that so many gamers need a powerful and/or dependable computer however with so many options available it can be a daunting task to find the right one that can deliver optimal performance and affordability.


This comprehensive guide was written to simplify the process. We've meticulously handpicked the Best Prebuilt Gaming PCs for under £1200 and provided a breakdown of every essential component for you, each PC comes with a pre-installed version of Microsoft Windows 11 Home, so you'll be ready to play straight away, whether its VR Gaming or AAA titles.

Top 26 Gaming PCs under £1200

#1 - VIII-17 GAMING PC - £1,028.22

Taking our #1 spot of best gaming PC is the VIII-17. This beast of a gaming computer comes with a powerful Intel Core i9 processor, 32GB RAM, and an NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3060 graphics card sets the bar high for incredible gaming experiences with exceptional frame rates and stunning visuals. Its lightning-fast 10-core CPU gives you confidence that it can handle multitasking with ease.

But the fun does not stop there with pretty of storage space, ensuring you fast game installations and load times with its 1TB Solid State Drive (SSD). This versatile gaming workstation is ready to tackle the most demanding of jobs whether you want a smooth 2k 60fps, a playable 4k 30fps gaming experience or you are working on a complex 3D project, this gaming PC is for you.

#2 - VIII-9 GAMING PC - £988.47

Experience unrivalled gaming power with the VIII-9 Gaming PC, which boasts ust Intel Core i9 Core processor, 16GB RAM, and a 3060 RTX ensures you a seamless, enjoyable gaming experience., you get the perfect balance of performance and affordability. Making it an attractive choice for gamers looking to get the most out of their money.


This is a feature-packed offering, giving you supreme gaming performance and cooling even during the most intense gaming sessions all while making the most out of your money. This is a solid choice for both casual and passionate gamers.

#3 - III-47 GAMING PC - £854.15

What if you could get almost the same performance as the VIII-9 Gaming PC but cost £130 less then, you get the III-47 Gaming PC despite it costing £130 less. It's no slouch. Lock and load with its eight-core i7, 16GBs of RAM, and a 3060 Geforce RTX. This can easily handle the most demanding of modern games. It even has a 1 TB SSD storage ensuring not just fast installations and transfer rates but to keep your treasure of games safe.

Crush your enemies with its impressive specs and even more impressive price point. This is an excellent choice for those wanting to save a bit more without compromising power. You will not be disappointed with this.

#4 - III-43 GAMING PC - £851.26

Seize victory with the III-47 Gaming PC, while being almost identical to the III-47 Gaming PC from the same eight-core i7, 16GBs of RAM, and an RTX 3060. The main difference is, this one comes in beautiful black. Stress less about scratches or dirt with this beautiful black Kolink Void design and just focus on having a fantastic gaming experience playing the latest games from AAA titles to Esports competition even indie gems. This delivers, without a doubt, immersive gameplay with smooth visuals.

#5 - III-41 GAMING PC - £844.40

Gear up and engage the enemy with the III-41 Gaming PC delivering you an impressive gaming experience without putting too much strain on your wallet. Powered by an Intel Core i7 processor with eight cores, an RTX 3060, and 16GBs of RAM. You can trust that each time you boot up your computer, you are unleashing a storm of mayhem on your enemies with this reliable machine that can give you an enjoyable experience playing all the latest games available. Become the legend you were always meant to be.

#6 - III-45 GAMING PC - £872.42

Rise to the top of the leaderboards with the III-45 Gaming PC, our well-rounded gaming rig. Immerse yourself with adrenaline-fueled performance, storage, and price. This comes with an Intel ten-core i9 processor, an RTX 3060, and 16 GBs of RAM. A 240 SSD and a 1TB HDD ensure you maximum performance when it comes to games, and multitasking whether you're a casual looking to play the latest games on high settings or a competitive gamer looking for optimal performance. This can handle the most demanding of tasks, ensuring you a reliable machine.

#7 - III-3 GAMING PC - £783.38

Experience gaming brilliance with the III-3 Gaming PC. This stands as one of our more affordable options that do not sacrifice performance. Featuring an Intel i7 with eight cores, an RTX 3050, 16GBs of RAM, and sufficient storage with 1TB HDD and 240GB SSD. This gives you a solid foundation for all your gaming needs. And to ensure optimal performance, the case comes with 3 fans at the front and 1 at the back, perfect for efficient cooling even during the most demanding of times.

#8 - II-41 GAMING PC - £760.87

Conquer the world with the II-41 Gaming PC, all without breaking the bank. With a powerhouse Nvida RTX 3060, an Intel i5 with six cores, and a massive 16GBs of RAM. Boosting a generous 1TB HDD with a lightning-fast 240 SSD for all your storage needs from all your beloved games, shows, and music. Experience jaw-dropping gaming like never before with this compact affordable gaming RIG.

#9 - II-35 GAMING PC - £582.79

Despite its seemingly modest price, you can expect massive gaming fun with the II-35 Gaming PC is a solid choice for an entry-tier to more modern games. For the price, you are getting an incredible package with an Intel i5 with six cores and 16GBs of RAM making perfect multitasking with an RTX 1650, giving you an optimal gaming experience.

Expect gaming carnage with an immersive performance at respectable frame rates, playing at an acceptable 2k 30fps for most titles and a butter smooth 60fps experience for almost all games both modern and old. Supercharge your storage with a 1TB HDD and a 240 SSD, you can be confident you are going to have a lot of fun with this affordable gaming PC.

#9 - II-35 GAMING PC - £582.79

Despite its seemingly modest price, you can expect massive gaming fun with the II-35 Gaming PC is a solid choice for an entry-tier to more modern games. For the price, you are getting an incredible package with an Intel i5 with six cores and 16GBs of RAMmaking perfect multitasking with an RTX 1650, giving you an optimal gaming experience.

Expect gaming carnage with an immersive performance at respectable framerates, playing at an acceptable 2k 30fps for most titles and a butter smooth 60fps experience for almost all games both modern and old. Supercharge your storage with a 1TB HDD and a 240 SSD, you can be confident you are going to have a lot of fun with this affordable gaming PC.

#10 - II-13 GAMING PC - £713.76

Strap in, and grab your favourite controller with the II-13 Gaming PC, boosting an impressive Intel i5 with six cores, an RTX 3050, 16GB of 3200Mhz RAM, with customizable RGB lighting your gaming experience. Crush your enemies, achieve epic fighting combos, and experience dominance on the battlefield. This formidable gaming rig is a game-changer for both casual and competitive gamers with a generous 1TB HDD and 240GB SSD giving you enough space to house all of your games and media. Become the hero, and let your team to epic victories.

#11 - II-3 GAMING PC - £583.18

Challenge your limits. The II-3 Gaming PC is an excellent choice for gamers that are on a tight budget. Powered by a six-core processor from Intel, a 1650 RTX graphics card, and 16Gb of RAM. This seemingly humble gaming computer can handle almost all popular games in moderate settings, giving you a smooth and enjoyable experience every time you play. With its price, reliability, and optimal performance, the II-3 Gaming PC is the solid choice for any casual gamer looking to explore the vast world of video games.

#12 - IV-25 GAMING PC - £553.29

Defy all odds with the IV-25 Gaming PC, an affordable but reliable high-performing PC. If you're a gamer that refuses to compromise but you're on a limited budget then this is for you. With sleek design and customizable features, perfect for upgrading in the future. This gaming computer comes with a powerful quad-core processor, a dedicated 1650 graphics card, and 16 GB of RAM. Game with confidence with the 1TB SSD ensuring your reliability and security. This package offers you effortless gaming experiences even with the most demanding of titles. You cannot go wrong with this.

#13 - V-3 GAMING PC - £545.85

Stand, aim, fire. This seemingly simple gaming computer is champion when it comes to being budget-friendly and outperforms expectations, all while delivering you a satisfying gaming experience. This gaming PC is powered by a quad-core CPU, a GTX 1650, and 16 GB of RAM. These specs alone ensure you smooth gameplay across hundreds of games and because it comes with a high-capacity 1TB HDD and a reliable 240GB SSD, you can be confident that you will be playing thousands of games all at an affordable and reliable package.

#14 - V-47 GAMING PC - £677.89

Engage in fierce combat with the V-47 Gaming PC. This perfect union of price and performance delivers you unrivalled gaming experiences that will not empty your pockets—equipped with a powerful quad-core process from Intel, an RTX 3050, and 16 GB of RAM. You can be confident, no matter what game you are playing even from the most demanding of games, you can expect smooth frame rates at high settings. This PC delivers breathing visuals at an attractive price point. This is the best choice for an affordable but powerful gaming PC.

#15 - V-71 GAMING PC - £672.59

Unleash the thrill with The V-71 Gaming PC is the perfect mid-entry solution for gamers who are a bit tight on money but want the most performance for their money. Powered by an incredible quad-core processor, armed with an RTX 3050, and 16 GB of 3200MHz RAM. You can expect awe-inspiring graphics and smooth 60 FPS gameplay. Perfect for Esports tournaments or players who want to explore a vast open world. With paralleled ease, this gaming PC rises to the toughest challenges and ensures you incredible experiences.

#16 - V-61 GAMING PC - £514.64

Experience big performance with a small price tag. The V-61 Gaming PC is what you get when you put an NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1650, quad-core CPU from Intel, and 8GB of 2400MHz Ram together in one affordable high-performing package. This compact gaming computer delivers an exceptional gaming experience. Smooth frame rates effortlessly tackle the popular and most-demanding games available. Indulge in glorious victories, without a doubt, the V-61 Gaming PC sets the bar for entry-level games that want performance and affordability.

#17 - V-63 GAMING PC - £548.87

Join the battlefield as you have never before with the V-63 Gaming PC, packed with a Geforce GTX 1650 from Nvidia and 16Gb of 3200MHz RAM. You get extraordinary performance for the price. The V-63 Gaming PC offers butter-smooth gameplay, and reliable multitasking for even the most demanding of applications, and with its 1TB SDD gives you lightning-fast transfer rates and even faster game installations.

#18 - I-3 GAMING PC - £357.11

Indulge in blissful glory with the I-3 Gaming PC. Priced modestly, you can dominate the competition, opening up a world of endless PC gaming possibilities. Powered by a modest GPU and a quad-core from AMD. This 500GB SSD with 16GB of 3200MHz RAM is more than capable of handling most titles even more modern games. Whether you are a new game or even a seasoned gamer, this affordable package offers you smooth frame rates, and stunning visuals all rolled into one simple but reliable package.

#19 - I-23 GAMING PC - £382.03

Play like an Esports champion, all without emptying your pockets. The I-23 Gaming PC opens a gateway for you, offering impressive graphics and immersive gaming all without costing you a fortune. Equipped with a relatively basic processor and graphics and 500 GB of SSD, it can surprisingly handle the most popular games at a very smooth frame rate. This is perfect for those wanting to play indie games or older titles that want reliable gaming performance with great-looking graphics.

#20 - I-1 GAMING PC - £367.94

Dominate the competition. The I-1 Gaming PC is without a doubt the epitome of price to performance. A great entry into the world of video games. Powered by a humble process and graphics card from AMD. The 8GB of Ram and 500GB SDD to store all your gaming memories, delivering you an overall satisfactory gaming experience with an unbeatable price to performance, despite its simplicity this compact gaming PC can deliver the most incredible gaming experiences you can ever afford at this price range.

#21 - I-7 GAMING PC - £396.30

Conquer epic quests, and slay monsters with the I-7 Gaming PC, a true game changer offering solid performance at an affordable price tag. This is perfect for games who are more budget conscious but do not let this humble gaming PC fool you, its quad-core CPU from AMD and an AMD Vega 8 with 16 GB of 3200MHz RAM. You will be surprised just by incredible a machine this is, delivering you a fun and enjoyable gaming session each and everything from the most popular titles, indie games, and even some modern titles at respectable frame rates.

#22 - VI-64 GAMING PC - £374.67

Indulge the joy of gaming mastery at an affordable price. With a modest process and graphics card from AMD. The VI-64 Gaming PC delivers smooth gameplay with incredible graphics. The 16GB Ram, 1TB HDD, and 240 SDD ensure that multitasking, transferring files, or even installing large games are quick and easy. Regardless of price, the VI-64 Gaming PC promises you that each of your gaming sessions will be memorable and a storage solution to protect all your digital treasures.

#23 - VI-47 GAMING PC - £372.26

Don't let this affordable package fool you. This is a gaming PC worth getting. This exceeds everything's expectations. Not only are you getting a quad-core CPU and an AMD Vega 8 with 16 GB of 3200MHz RAM but you are also getting 2TB of hard drive space and 240 GB SSD. This ensures optimal battery performance with the most popular video game titles. For what it offers, this PC is an indisputable choice for gamers that want power and affordability. This PC will keep you hooked for years to come.

#24 - VI-45 GAMING PC - £386.67

Gear up, and dominate the battlefield with the VI-45 Gaming PC our high-performing, budget-conscious computer that boosts a modest but capable CPU and graphics from AMD despite its appearance and specs sheets, you can expect immersive graphics with smooth gameplay even with the most popular video games. Whether you are exploring a massive open world or fighting the most intense firefights, this gaming computer delivers incredible performance.

#25 - VI-29 GAMING PC - £345.08

Prepare for epic frags and win streaks with the VI-29 Gaming PC, this trusty companion is the perfect entry point for any gamer that wants optimal performance but is on a tight budget. You cannot go wrong with a quad-core CPU from CPU, packed with an AMD Vega 8 and 8GB of ram. Without a doubt, you can expect butter-smooth experiences even with the most demanding indie games available. Perfect for older games and multitasking. This gaming computer will not disappoint you.

#26 - VI-21 GAMING PC - £359.49

Lock and load, and step into gaming bliss. The VI-21 Gaming PC is your gateway to a world of happiness. Even at such an affordable price, this PC is packaged with an incredible quad-core CPU from AMD. An AMD Vega 8 with 8GB of RAM that can handle the most popular of games. And let's not forget about that colossal 2TB HDD, giving lots of space to house your whole gaming library. Experience the rush, and dominate the battlefield with the VI-21 Gaming, the ultimate entry-level gaming rig that will ignore your love for gaming.

You can also completely customize our prebuilt gaming pcs, by using our PC configurator and swap out components for different ones, such as an AMD Ryzen CPU from an Intel Core, a Geforce GTX graphics card for an NVIDIA RTX and much more, you can also add additional peripherals such as gaming monitor, gaming mouse, keyboard and much more.