Best Gaming PCs under £600

Posted on 11:28am, Tuesday 3rd July, 2023

When it comes to choosing the best gaming PC, it's all about finding the right system that matches both your needs and financial constraints. Sure, it is entirely possible that you could spend thousands on a powerhouse, But let's be honest, you need to make smart decisions with your money, and with hundreds of parts on the market, with so many different technical terms and labels, it can be very daunting.


To save you frustration and time, we've written this concise but comprehensive article on the best Gaming PCs under £600, written in a manner that is easy to digest and follow, designed in a way to help you decide which is best for your needs, each prebuilt PC comes with a pre-installed version of the Microsoft Windows 11 Home operating system, a quality NVIDIA Geforce RTX or GTX graphics card an Intel Core or AMD CPU and much more, meaning that you can start playing AAA titles at higher settings right away with optimal gaming performance.

The 15 Best Gaming PCs under £600

#1 - II-35 GAMING PC - £592.51

At under £600, this PC is gaming perfection, The II-35 Gaming PC gives you unparalleled performance at an incredible value for your money. Powered by components designed to give you a flawless immersion such as the six-core 2.9GHz i5 processor giving you an abundance amount of process power for all the latest and most demanding games.


The NVIDIA Geforce 1660 Super graphics card is perfect, delivering you stable high frame rates of FHD 60fps on most games, and a very playable 2k 30fps on even the most demanding of titles, and with its 16GB of 3200MHz RAM, you can run multiple programs with ease. 

You can expect no delay with the 240GB  Solid State Drive (SSD) installed on this gaming PC rig that gives you lightning-fast load times. Best of all, you have a wireless adaptor calibrated to 600mbps, so you can stream or play video games without any buffering issues. With a sleek design and quality specs, the II-35 Gaming PC will not disappoint you.

#2 - II-3 GAMING PC - £592.90

Introducing the II-3 Gaming PC, a sleek customisable powerhouse that delivers extraordinary gaming all without breaking the bank. This gaming rig offers exceptional value for its price, packed with a powerful six-core 2.9 GHz process that guarantees you blazing fast speeds and seamless multitasking, regardless if you are streaming, playing, watching a 4k movie, or creating 3D art. This processor with 16 GB RAM can handle it all.

The II3-3 Gaming PC boasts an NVIDIA 1660 Super which not only offers you high frame rates but breathtaking details whether you are exploring a vast open world or deeply entrenched in multiplayer warfare, this gaming PC delivers effortless responsive performance, handling even the most demanding of games with ease.

With ample amounts of storage, a 1TB HDD, and a 240GB SSD, not only can you transfer files at fast rates but you have a massive storage place to keep all your beloved gaming memories. Lock and load with the II-3 Gaming PC, your gateway to frags.

#3 - IV-25 GAMING PC - £567.01

Embrace your true gaming potential with the outstanding IV-25 Gaming PC. Designed beautifully, this gaming PC delivers impressive performance at an incredible price. This PC is powered by a 3.6Ghz quad-core processor and 16GB RAM, start experiencing smooth multitasking like never before.

Equipped with a powerful NVIDIA 1660 Super, allowing it to easily dominate the digital battlefield with ease. You can expect breathing graphics and smoother stable gameplay whether you are exploring the deepest oceans or going head-to-head with the biggest bosses. Every single frame is rendered with staggering detail.

Prepare to experience the world of video games like never before, with a spacious 1TB SSD, giving you ample amounts of space for all your shows, music, and games. Choose the IV-25 Gaming PC and immersive yourself in the world of excitement and thrilling adventures.

#4 - V-3 GAMING PC - £555.57

Experience gaming greatness with the remarkable V-3 Gaming PC. Built by gamers for games that demand high performance at a great value. This gaming PC delivers unmatched value without compromising quality. Sporting a quad-core 3.6Ghz processor, this gaming PC effortlessly handles the most challenging of tasks with ease regardless if you are rendering a heavy video or streaming your favourite game on Twitch.

Packing an impressive NVIDIA 1660 Super, immerse yourself in a world of crystal clear detail, not to mention the 16 GB of 3200Mhz RAM that this comes with. The V-3 Gaming PC gives you phenomenal graphics and even higher frame rates. Best of all, it comes with a 1TB HDD and a 240GB SSD, ensuring you large amounts of space for all your music, shows, files, and games.

Designed with a modern and sleek aesthetic, the V-3 Gaming PC isn't just stylish but it is a statement of your gaming prowess and dedication. Choose the V-3 Gaming PC now, and prepare to unlock a gaming experience that truly pushes boundaries and elevates your levels of excitement and glory.

#5 - V-61 GAMING PC - £528.36

Join gaming glory with the V-61 Gaming PC. Designed for gamers by gamers who craved unmatched power at an incredible rate. Don't let its price fool you, this is a gaming powerhouse. A force to be respected, enriched with an astonishing 3.6GHz quad-core and 8GB RAM, you expect not only unrivalled responsiveness but smooth multitasking with even the most challenging of tasks.

Featured in the incredible Nvdia 1660 Super, the V-61 Gaming PC brings all your favourite games to life with high-quality graphics and smooth frame rates. From intense multiplayer warzones to absolutely breathtaking landscapes, every single detail is rendered with exceptional expertise and realism.

Wave goodbye to waiting and embrace fast transfer rates and uninterrupted gaming sessions with the 1TB HDD. Ensuring you have lots of space to house all your games and all your nostalgic moments. The V-61 Gaming comes in a beautiful sleek design that keeps it cool even during the most intense gaming marathons. Choose the V-61 Gaming, and expect years of endless experiences.

#6 - V-63 GAMING PC - £562.59

Enter the battlefield with the V-63 Gaming PC. Engineered by gamers for games that crave uncompromising power at an enticing value. This game rig stands as a true testament. Powered by the all-powerful Intel Core i3 10100F, a 3.6Ghz quad-core that delivers spectacular processing power. Perfect for streaming, rendering, or gaming.

Equipped with a high-performing 1650 Super and an 8GB (2 x 4GB) RAM, conquer any challenge with the V-63 Gaming PC. From the smallest of details to the largest warships, every single game is rendered with incredible fidelity and immersion. Boasting a generous 1TB HDD storage space, the V-63 is the gaming rig for every gamer the power to dominate any battlefield while keeping their treasured experiences safely stored.

#7 - I-3 GAMING PC - £357.11

Step into a realm of gaming bliss at an incredible value. The i-3 Gaming PC is built for the budget-conscious gamer. Despite its modesty, this is a gaming rig, it delivers impressive performance with its efficient 3.6GHz Ryzen 3 quad-core ensuring smooth gameplay and relative ease with multitasking.

Store all your gaming adventures with the 500GB SSD and 16GB of 3200MHz RAM packed into the I-3 Gaming PC, you can expect fast load times and transfer rates. With the AMD Vega 8, you can expect no compromise, no-nonsense, undisturbed gaming bliss with the i3 Gaming PC. This is the gaming PC to start navigating the gaming universe.

#8 - I-23 GAMING PC - £382.03

Embark on an epic quest for gaming greatness with the I-23 Gaming PC. A budget-conscious gaming rig built by gamers, for games. Regardless of its humble price, this gaming PC delivers impressive performance all for an incredible value. Powered by a modest 3.6 GHz AMD Ryzen 3 quad-core processor, multitasking is easy and reliable.

Fortified with an AMD Vega 8 and 16GB of 3200MHz RAM, this is no pushover. Not only are you getting effortless gaming performance for all the most popular games but you get to immerse yourself in quality graphics where every detail in your next adventure is all crisp and joyous.

With a 500GB SSD and a wireless adaptor calibrated to 600Mbps to boot, not only are you getting large storage with lighting-fast efficiency but you can stream or play all your favourite movies, music videos, and games all without anxiety over buffering issues. It's time to start your next thrilling adventure with the I-23 Gaming PC. A gaming computer like no other.

#9 - I-1 GAMING PC - £367.94

Sleek and compact, the I-1 Gaming PC is the first step to the digital battlefield from the biggest worlds to the densest. This seemingly humble gaming rig was crafted by experienced gamers who want thrilling gaming prowess all be under budget. Powered by a 3.6GHz AMD Ryzen 3 quad-core and 8 GB (2 x 4GB) of 2400MHz RAM delivering you fast reliable processing power for all your gaming and multitasking needs.

Game with confidence. Packing an AMD Vega 8, the I-1 Gaming PC offers you respectable frame rates with incredibly high graphics. Dive into a harmonious world of immersion. Full of dense worlds, filled with living NPCs, full of unforgettable quests and mesmerizing music.

With a 600Mbps wireless adaptor and 500GB of NVMe M.2 SSD, this is the perfect choice for games that value reliability and performance. The I-1 Gaming PC is sensational, offering big storage with smoothly playable frame rates across multiple titles is a gaming rig you cannot afford to miss.

#10 - I-7 GAMING PC - £392.30

Rise to the top of the leaderboards with the I-7 Gaming PC! This gaming rig was built by gamers looking for an economical package while delivering top-tier performance. You cannot go wrong with this gaming beast, powered by an AMD Vega 8 delivering you fluid frame rates at quality graphics across multiple titles both old and new.

With a 1TB HDD and 240GB SSD to boost. This guarantees you not only a fast startup and even faster transfer rates but a big place to safely store all your memories, files, music, shows, and games. Expect the unexpected with the 3.6Ghz AMD Ryzen 3 quad-core, a surprisingly efficient processor that can tackle the most demanding of jobs.

Say goodbye to boring desktops and say hello to modern beauty that's feature-rich from its design to many tiny details that all help keep your gaming beast cool and refresh with every intense gaming session. This economical computer is a beast worth taking seriously, levelling up and gaming bliss like never before with the I-7 Gaming PC.

#11 - VI-64 GAMING PC - £370.67

Dominate the leaderboards with the VI-64 Gaming PC! Constructed by experienced gamers for games who are looking for extraordinary performance at a fraction of the cost. This gaming powerhouse though humble is a force to be respected. Powered by a formidable 3.6Ghz AMD Ryzen 3 quad-core, giving you ample amounts of processing powering for all your demanding tasks.

Geared with a powerful AMD Vega 8, join the elite ranks, and experience silky-smooth gameplay with stunning visuals. From the most intense firefights to the most daring epic adventures, each moment is rendered perfected with immersion and excitement at every pixel corner.

Say goodbye to limited space, and say hello to 1TB HDD and 240GB SDD of safe storage with blazing-fast load times and transfer rates. These reliable storage spaces ensure you quick and easy access to all your favourite games, files, and media. All hail seamless gaming sessions with the Vi-64 Gaming PC, a humble but formidable gaming rig.

#12 - VI-47 GAMING PC - £368.26

Enter the fray, and embrace a gritty and chaotic battlefield with the VI-47 Gaming PC. Experience exceptional gaming prowess at unimaginable value. This gaming PC is your front-row ticket to gaming supremacy. Powered by a rapid fast 3.6GHz quad-core processor that delivers remarkable multitasking performance.

Loaded with an AMD Vega 8, the VI-47 Gaming PC immerses you into a world of breathtaking visuals and stunning gameplay. Imagine, a world of games with no compromise on performance even at such an economical value. This is it.

The VI-47 Gaming PC not only is a formidable force to be respected but a thoughtfully crafted machine that will safely store all your precious adventures.

Equipped with a 240GB SSD and 1TB HDD, you can expect plenty of room for all your gaming journeys, files, media, and so much more. Store your whole entire collection with confidence. No compromise, only quality. The VI-47 Gaming PC is what it feels to be an underdog champion; humble, confident, and full of gaming prowess.

#13 - VI-45 GAMING PC - £386.67

Gear up with the VI-45 Gaming PC. Crafted for those that want to experience gaming like never before. Gaming glory at an affordable price. This no-compromise gaming rig was built by experienced gamers who demand dominance in any game. Take your gaming dominance to new heights with the 3.6GHz AMD Ryzen 3 quad-core. No matter how many applications or however demanding, this processor can handle it all.

Conquer worlds with the AMD Vega 8. The performance behind the AMD Vega 8 is unmistakable. Offering butter-smooth gameplay. This 16GB 3200MHz RAM of a gaming gladiator delivers impeccable frame rates at stunning graphical fidelity from intense multiplayer battlefields to jaw-dropping dense open worlds, each and every moment is filled with blissful excitement.

Built with you in mind, the generous 1TB keeps all your files, games, media, and most important your treasured moments safe. Say goodbye to all those dreadfully slow load times with the 240GB SSD. The VI-45 is what you get when you combine cool aesthetics with reliable performance all wrapped into one economical battle. Buy it. And conquer the digital realm like a true champion.

#14 - VI-29 GAMING PC - £345.08

Say hello to instant gaming gratification with the VI-29 Gaming PC. Offering captivating performance at a supreme value. Conquer your favourite games with ease, empowered by a 3.6GHz quad-core, this striking processor from AMD delivers incredible processing and reliable power at high speeds. No more slowdowns, or lags. This processor handles multitasking like it was nothing.

Armed with an AMD 8 Vega and 8GB (2 x 4GB) of 2400MHz RAM, the VI-29 Gaming PC thrills in every moment as it immerses you in deep smooth gameplay with stunning graphics, bringing every bit of the virtual world to life intricate details and realism. Experience glitch-free gameplay.

There's no stopping your conquest with the 2TB of hard drive storage. 2TB is a lot. Say, bye-bye to all those storage limitations before and say hello to a gaming world of endless possibilities. Compact and stylish at a supreme value, the VI-29 is a modest but powerful gaming PC fit for a true conqueror.

#15 - VI-21 GAMING PC - £359.49

Defy the limits with the VI-29 Gaming PC. Stylish and powerful, the VI-29 Gaming PC was designed for those who demand gaming excellence worthy of gaming royalty. Powered by a 3.6Ghz quad-core processor and 8GB (2 x 4GB) 2400MHz RAM that delivers nothing short of reliance in even the most demanding of scenarios from dense worlds to the most intense battlefields full of players.

Step into an immersive world fueled by an AMD Vega 8. Modest yet powerful, delivering flawless gaming sessions with every epic battle and thrilling adventure full of majestic silky-smooth graphics from heart-pounding action to jaw-dropping beauty, thrill and immerse yourself with blissful gaming gratification.

Best of all, even at such an unprecedented value, you still get a 2TB HDD and a 600Mbps wireless adaptor. Defy the odds, and conquer all limitations. There's no fear of limited installation space or a place to store all your precious memories and files safely. Brace yourself for a realm of possibilities and endless joy with the VI-21 Gaming PC. Truly, a remarkable gaming PC at a stunning value.

With any of the PCs above you'll be able to flawlessly play your favourite PC Games such as GTA V, Rocket League and much more, regardless of whether you own a budget gaming PC or a high-end spec PC build, a Vibox PC is a reliable option.