GTX 1660 Gaming PCs

High-performance PCs optimized for Gaming Performance

Browse our range of NVIDIA GTX 1660 Gaming PCs that have been built utilizing one of the finest graphics cards in the NVIDIA product line, the GTX 1660 is the next instalment following on from its predecessor the GTX 1650.

Including high-end GPUs from the NVIDIA Geforce RTX and NVIDIA Geforce GTX ranges, RGB components, CPUs from Intel and AMD, including Intel Core, AMD Ryzen and Athlon, a quality solid state drive (SSDs) and HDD and at least 8 GB of DDR4 ram or DDR5 ram minimum.

Featuring CPUs from both the i3 and i5 Intel ranges and 8GB RAM minimum, a GTX 1660 Gaming PC from Vibox is your ideal companion for playing modern titles.

All Vibox Pre-built PCs come with our Free UK delivery and our Lifetime Warranty as standard which entitles you to free labour and repair upgrades.