AMD Gaming PCs

High-performance PCs built using AMD CPUs

View our range of AMD Gaming PCs that are built utilizing AMD processors such as an AMD Ryzen 3, which is designed to deliver a high-performance experience, Our PCs will allow you to play the most CPU-intensive games with ease.

Featuring PCs with up to 2 TB Hard Drive storage and up to 16 GB RAM, any computer from our AMD-powered range will suit any gamer needs who is either just starting out or has years of experience.

Why choose a Vibox AMD Gaming PC?

When you buy an AMD Gaming PC from Vibox, you're not only buying an excellently built PC, you're buying a PC designed for gamers by gamers, Every PC is built with the same love as the last and is extensively stress tested before shipping to ensure the highest performance possible.

Customise your PC and add peripherals

Aside from choosing from our selection of pre-built gaming PCs, you can also customise your PC using our PC Configurator meaning that you can swap out components such as the graphics card for an NVIDIA Geforce RTX or NVIDIA Geforce GTX, an AMD Processor for an Intel Core, a hard drive for a solid state drive or both.

You can also add additional peripherals such as gaming monitors, a keyboard and mouse, a speaker set and much more that will enhance your gaming experience to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AMD built for gaming?

AMD as a whole is a company that is routed in gaming, but the Ryzen 3 range is considered the entry point to their wider range of processors such as the Ryzen 5 and 7, if you're looking for a budget option for your gaming rig, then a Ryzen 3 would be a great option that performs well and doesn't cost a lot.

Is AMD or RTX better for gaming?

Both AMD and NVIDIA have created excellent options for graphics cards, RTX models however have a higher price tag than the Ryzen or Radeon lines from AMD, and handle 4k gaming very well, most AMD graphics cards can handle 4k perfectly well but have a difficult time when it comes to Ray Tracing. 

Can I build my own AMD gaming PC?

You can build your own AMD PC, using our online PC builder which allows you to select your own components, Once you have selected your components our team of builders will assemble your PC and put it through extensive stress testing to ensure optimal gaming performance, before shipping it out to you.

How much RAM is installed in your computers?

Our AMD PCs have between 8 and 16GB RAM pre-installed.