White Gaming PCs

Custom Built High-Quality White Gaming PCs

Vibox provides a range of pre-built White Gaming PCs to suit any budget, All PCs can be fully customised by using our customise feature powered by our PC Configurator, you can change the graphics card, CPU, RAM, Hard Drive and SSD.

Our White PCs feature world-class GPU technology from the NVIDIA Geforce RTX range including the 3070 Ti, 3060, and 4070 Ti, CPUs from the Intel Core collection, including both i7 and i9, an Intel Motherboard, at least 16 GB of RAM minimum and 32 GB RAM for our higher-end models, at least a 1TB SSD, a 600W PSU (power supply) minimum, and plenty of RGB lighting.

You can also choose additional peripherals and gaming accessories when you select the customise option, including adding a monitor, keyboard, gaming mouse, mouse mat, headset and speakers, all in all completing your setup, to your own specification.

Our SG Series will give you a well-deserved GHz turbo, allowing you to level up your gaming performance to maximum efficiency.

All Vibox PCs come with a lifetime warranty and free delivery in the United Kingdom as standard, which entitles you to free upgrade and repair labour.

RGB Lighting Included

Our white PCs include a vast array of RGB lighting, including RGB Fans and RAM, This adds an additional layer of character to the white theme of the PC range.

You can also upgrade your PC with a range of accessories for gamers as stated above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it more expensive to build a white PC?

Most pre-built White PCs are typically more expensive than regular PCs because White PCs often feature all-white components, most of which are in short supply, because white plastic is much harder to manufacture, which naturally makes an all-white PC more expensive.

Do your White PCs contain all-white PC components?

Our white desktop PCs contain some all-white PC components, such as wires and cooling fans but do not feature all-white PC components. 

They all feature high-performance components, a preinstalled version of Microsoft Windows and much more to complete your gaming setup.

Can your PCs play modern games?

All of our white PCs and our other pre-built models are perfectly capable of meeting and exceeding the minimum requirements of the latest games on the market, due to featuring at least 8 GB of RAM and reliable CPUs from either AMD or Intel.

Ready for gaming, streaming, Microsoft Office, general use and much more.