Intel i9 Gaming PC

High-Performance PC's utilizing i9 Processors

View our range of Intel i9 Gaming PCs, and experience the best that Intel has to offer in their Core predecessor range. Vibox i9 PCs are optimized with gamers in mind and provide the highest quality experience possible.

Regardless of your gaming experience, the i9 provides enough flexibility to game without performance restrictions such as freezing.

If you can't find a Core i9 Gaming PC from our pre-built selection you can either customize it or you can build your own with our PC Configurator.

Is Core i9 good for gaming?

Named as one of the best CPUs for gaming in 2022 by PC Gamer, the Intel Core i9 is one of the best-performing CPUs in Intel's long list of CPUs.

Not only is the best core i9 series good for gaming but it also can provide more than sufficient performance for home workstations and everyday productivity.