Intel i5 Gaming PC

High-Performance PC's built using Intel's i5 Processors

View our range of Intel i5 Gaming PCs, featuring high-performance gaming computers capable of taking on some of the most CPU-intensive games.

i5 processors are stripped-back versions of the i7 line, making them mid-range in terms of affordability, but with 4 to 12 cores available they still make for incredibly powerful PCs, that are perfect for light to heavy gaming and everyday productivity.

Every PC from our i5 range comes with our lifetime warranty and is able to be fully customized using our easy-to-use PC Configurator.

Each i5 gaming PC come with a pre-installed version of the Microsoft Windows 11 operating system so that you can plug and play instantly.

Intel i5 Processor Included

A powerful processor is one of the most important components for any gaming PC, With an intel core i5 at the helm, you'll enjoy powerful technology, and the ability to game at high frame rates and multi-task using a variety of applications, the i5 brings innovative features such as the PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 support.


Hyper-Threading Technology

Many Intel I5 processors have hyper-threading capabilities that you can take advantage of, to establish whether the computer you're purchasing has a hyper-threading feature, you can look up the processor number on Intel's website, if not you can always choose to swap out the processor using our PC configurator.

Turbo Boost

Intel's Turbo Boost Technology effectively increases the clock speed of the CPU when faced with demanding tasks, such as gaming, video editing, music production and more.

Processor Cache

Processor cache is not often talked about but it is a key feature for high-end performance, cache is a bank of memory built into the processor, used to store copies of data accessed from the RAM, which allows it to perform repeated tasks more effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the i5 or i7 better for gaming?

The Intel Core i7 processor definitely has performance benefits over the i5, but the one you choose will be dependent on your budget.

Is the i5 good with the RTX 3060?

Yes, the i5 and the NVIDIA RTX 3060 graphics card are a fantastic pairing, with this CPU and GPU, you shouldn't experience any difficulties when gaming, this combination will work more seamlessly with at least 16GB RAM installed.

Customize your new PC

With our PC configurator, you can swap out components such as the Graphics Card, Solid State Drive, Hard Drive, and Motherboard, and if an Intel CPU is not your preferred choice you can even change it for an AMD model.

Our pre-built models from our i5 line either utilize an NVIDIA Geforce GTX or Geforce RTX, but depending on your available budget you could swap these out for a more affordable option, each model has at least 16GB RAM but you can upgrade this to 32 which will further enhance your gaming performance.

You can even add additional peripherals such as a Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Headset and more.