Intel i3 Gaming PC

High-Performance PCs Built using Intel CPUs

View our range of powerful high-performance Intel i3 Gaming PCs, optimized for running some of the most CPU-intensive games.

If you're in need of a fast pace gaming system a Vibox Intel Core i3 PC will be a great choice, available with 4 cores, and 8 threads as standard, these PCs require very little power and are suited to moderate to heavy gamers.

With PCs ranging from 8 to 16GB Ram, Our i3 range contains high-quality parts that will function well for years and are easily upgradeable.

Each PC features a high-quality graphics card, including cards from the NVIDIA Geforce GTX and NVIDIA Geforce RTX ranges such as the 1650 Super and 3050, as well as a pre-installed version of Microsoft Windows 11 Home, a Solid State Drive (SSD), DDR4 RAM or DDR5 RAM depending on the model you choose.

An i3 PC is a great option for any PC gamer looking for a budget gaming PC.

Customise your PC

You can also customise your i3 PC using our PC Configurator, by hitting the “Customise” option on a product page, which will allow you to swap out any component, such as your graphics card, hard drive, solid state drive, power supply, CPU (switch to an AMD Ryzen 3 CPU or any other of your choice) and much more.

Any of these changes will allow you to play any CPU intensive game at a high setting.

Is i3 good for a gaming PC?

i3 is regarded as Intel's entry-level core processor, but however, they have been tested to perform to an excellent standard in all gaming scenarios.

Modern i3 CPUs have two additional cores, in comparison to their predecessor models, and also feature proper hyperthreading, making them an ideal solution for any beginner or intermediate gamer.

What features do Intel i3 Processors have?


Certain Intel Core i3 gaming PCs support hyper-threading, enabling a single processor core to function as two virtual cores by assigning tasks to multiple threads simultaneously. This technology optimizes processing speed, enhances multitasking performance, and proves beneficial for gaming and live streaming activities.

Turbo Boost

Intel Turbo Boost Technology presents a notable advantage for your Intel Core i3 gaming PC, effectively enhancing the clock speed of the CPU when confronted with resource-intensive tasks, including gaming or video editing. By skillfully redistributing surplus processing capacity to threads carrying heavy workloads, Turbo Boost technology maximizes performance potential and optimizes overall efficiency.

Processor Cache

The processor cache plays a crucial role in gaming performance by storing frequently accessed data, enabling faster execution of repetitive tasks. Intel Core i3 PCs excel in this aspect with their generous cache memory, making them highly suitable for gaming applications.

Are i3 Gaming PCs suitable for home use?

With an i3 gaming PC, you'll not only be able to play top-tier games such as Apex Legends, or GTA, but any PC with an i3 Intel CPU preinstalled will be suitable for home use including general use such as web browsing or writing documents.

Is Ryzen better than i3 gaming?

Many benchmarking testing indicates that the Ryzen 3, loses against the Intel Core i5, but slightly outperforms the i3 when compared, both are still great options for a budget-conscious gamer.

Is the i3 considered low-end?

Intel markets its processors under the Core brand. The Core lineup encompasses three performance categories: i3, i5, i7 and i9. Positioned at the lower end of the Core series is the Core i3 processor, which can deliver commendable performance; however, their support for advanced applications and cutting-edge technologies is relatively restricted.

Is the i3 processor outdated?

The i3 processors are a long way, they are a perfect choice for gamers and people who want a powerful home desktop for tasks such as: 

  • Office work - using a word processor, printing, checking and sending emails

  • Web browsing - using any web browser such as Google Chrome, or Firefox.

  • Streaming content from YouTube, Netflix, Disney Plus or any other streaming