Intel Gaming PCs

High-performance PCs built using Intel CPUs

Choose from our range of high-performance Intel Gaming PCs below that utilize the best in Intel's long list of processors including the Core i7, Core i9, i5, and i3 ranges which are fully optimized for every gamer's needs.

With an Intel Gaming PC built by Vibox, you will be equipped with a PC designed to run the most CPU-intensive games using the best in Intel Core processors, at least a 1tb SSD (Solid State Drive) or a 1tb hard drive.

You can also customise any part of the PC you like by using our easy-to-use PC builder, just select Details then "Customise" and change out your RAM, CPU, GPU, SSD, HDD, Storage and more.

You can also add additional peripherals such as a Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Headset and more when customising your PC and completing your rig to further enhance your gaming experience.

Our pre-built models feature graphics cards from the world-class NVIDIA Geforce RTX and GTX ranges, including 1650, Vega 8, 3050, 3060, 3070 Ti, 4070 Ti and the 4080. as well as an intel motherboard, at least 8 GB of RAM minimum, 500W PSU minimum, a 1 TB SSD or HDD.

Why choose a Vibox Intel Gaming PC?

As with all of our gaming pc systems, Vibox Intel Gaming PCs are built for gamers and by gamers, Every PC build is treated with the same amount of love as the last and is configured with care, precision and a keen eye for details.

Each PC is put through an extensive testing process before being shipped to ensure the best possible performance for FPS, stability and much more.

Every Vibox PC also comes with our Gold Limited Warranty.


Intel has one of the greatest reputations in the industry for providing components to make the best gaming PCs and laptops possible (especially their CPUs), Not only are they renowned for their performance, but Intel is also the oldest company in computer technologies having developed some of the first processors to come to market. Any desktop PC or gaming computer from Intel or featuring Intel products is reliable and will perform outstandingly well when playing popular AAA titles.

What features does an Intel CPU have?

For an optimal PC gaming experience, you'll need a CPU that can manage the demands, Depending on the model you choose most CPUs from the Intel Core range have a vast amount of features suited for intense gaming sessions, which include:

Hyper-Threading Technology

Hyper-threading allows a processor core to function as two virtual cores, optimizing processing speed by distributing tasks among multiple threads. This technology is particularly beneficial for gamers and streamers, enhancing both the performance of their processors and multitasking capabilities.

Turbo Boost

Intel Turbo Boost Technology enhances the performance of Intel Core gaming PCs by dynamically increasing the CPU clock speed during demanding tasks. It intelligently reallocates surplus processing capacity to threads with high workloads, resulting in optimized overall performance.

Processor Cache

The processor cache is a crucial component for high-level gaming performance, as it stores frequently accessed data, allowing for quicker execution of repetitive tasks. Intel gaming PCs excel in this aspect with their generous cache memory, making them an ideal choice for gaming applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some alternative PC ranges?

At Vibox we also utilize AMD Ryzen CPUs to build a range of quality gaming computers, that are also built to last and provide you with an excellent gaming experience from the moment you boot up your PC and prepare to play.

Do your Intel Core PCs feature performance hybrid architecture?

Intel recently unveiled the 12th generation Intel Core processors, codenamed Alder Lake, which is primarily featured in our i7 range, These processors stand out as the first in the PC market to use a performance hybrid architecture, combining two types of cores: Performance-cores and Efficient-cores. This architecture is designed to excel in various workloads, including single-threaded, partially-threaded, and multithreaded applications.