AMD Ryzen 3 Gaming PC

PCs built using Ryzen 3 CPUs

View our range of High-performance AMD Ryzen 3 Gaming PCs, built using AMD's popular Ryzen 3 processors, equipped with a 4-core count and higher clocked memory making this CPU an ideal solution for gamers who wish to run varying degrees of games.

Our range of AMD Ryzen 3 Gaming PCs focuses on providing excellent value for money and unparalleled gaming performance that can be upgraded easily. 

Is the Ryzen 3 good for gaming?

Yes, Ryzen 3 is an excellent option for gamers who want a cost-effective solution that gives excellent performance and doesn't break the bank. capable of running some of the most intensive games any Vibox PC built using an AMD Processor is an excellent option for gaming.

Configure your PC and add peripherals

You can also configure your PC using our online PC builder and choose to swap out your graphics card for an NVIDIA Geforce RTX or Geforce GTX, a Ryzen 3 CPU for an Intel Core, a Hard Drive for a Solid State Drive or both and more. 

You can also add additional peripherals such as a gaming keyboard, mouse and mouse mat, headset and speakers.

Each Vibox PC comes with a pre-installed version of the Microsoft Windows 11 Operating System.